Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Lighting up your Wall Tent: Make the most of your camping trip!

Camping can be a complete bonding experience if you plan to go out with your family or friends; if you decide to set on the adventure alone, you can bond and get in touch with your own self, which is no less of an experience either. If you opt for the former, a Canvas Wall Tent might be perfect for you. canvas wall tent, also known as a hunting, safari, or outfitter tent, is perfect for a family looking for a little more space and headroom.
A wide range of nighttime activities can be planned and executed to make the most out of the trip. However, it is important to have foolproof arrangements for lighting up your wall tent so you can make the most out of your camping trip. Here at White Duck, we have compiled a list of practical and creative ideas to light up your wall tent! Do check these out.

Battery Powered Lanterns

Propane lanterns are a huge fire hazard and a bad idea when it comes to tent lighting. However, battery-powered lanterns can be easily found now, and they are a safe alternative to old-fashioned gas lanterns. A battery powered lantern can last anywhere from 12 to 60 hours depending on the kind you get and gives off enough light for you to comfortably illuminate your tent, and even read if you want. This is the perfect option for you if you do not have a 4 wheel drive or generator to power up your lighting with.

LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lights consist of LED lights arranged in a row within a transparent, waterproof tube. They are lightweight, waterproof, and easy to install. You can drape them around literally any surface, and they do not pose a fire or electrocution hazard due to the small amount of power they use. LED strip lights are one of the most affordable and creative ways to light up your wall tent! If you do not have access to 12V power or a generator, you can easily get battery powered LED strip lights as well.

Fairy Lights

Another alternative to LED strip lights, fairy lights aren’t just affordable and easy to install, they also help you create the perfect mood lighting for your wall tent! You can hang them in loops from your tent ceiling or wall, and use a few strings to create the amount of lighting you need. Battery powered fairy lights are also very easily available if you do not have a generator.

Magnetic Lighting

Get some lightweight magnetic lights to attach to the metal poles of your wall tent when you go out camping next time. The magnetic lights stick easily to any metallic surface, and just a few of these can light up your tent enough for you to dress up, play games, or even read.

Candle Lanterns

Candle lanterns are an affordable and easy way to not just light up the inside of your wall tent, but to keep warm in chilly weather as well. You can suspend the candle lanterns from the ceiling. One candle lantern provides enough light for one person to easily read in. Moreover, they are completely safe!

Solar Lighting

If you plan to spend a number of days out in the wild camping, solar lighting is a very good option to you. All you have to do is charge them fully during the day, and they will last you all night. Some lights can last you a number of nights as well on a single charge.

Windup lights

Windup lights aren’t just good for emergencies; they can help you light up the inside of your wall tent as well! Take your windup light to camp with you next time you go. It provides a good amount of light and one windup light can illuminate one medium-sized tent pretty well. If you want to go fancier, there are windup lights that can help you charge your phone too, so you don’t have to completely cut yourself off from the outside world when you are out camping.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a funky way to light up your wall tent, especially if you’re in a festive mood or are taking kids along. A number of colorful glow sticks can provide enough light to carry out normal activities within the wall tent, and they look really festive too!


Yes! You can actually use the old fashioned way and stock up on batteries when you go camping (at places like Salmon River Campground) to use your flashlights to light up your camp. They can be suspended from the tent poles or ceiling, or simply placed in a corner. To illuminate your entire tent, you can prop it up in the middle of the tent with the light beam facing the ceiling, and voila! Affordable and simple, flashlights are easily portable and battery powered which makes them useful for any nighttime outdoor activities you may be planning as well.
These were some of the ways you can light up your wall tent when you go out camping. We hope this will help you make the most out of your experience. Happy camping!
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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Festival Camping Tents

As a child I had always fancied a gathering outdoors where one could be in the lap of nature with greenery and colorful flowers all around. Well we didn’t really have a ceremony or anything similar outdoors, but my dream did come true when I attended an annual festival with a couple of friends and had an after party in our tent. The tent must say was quite spacious and had a dark fabric that didn’t allow light to pass through our tent. Our Community Head mentioned that it was made of Canvas, and the tent is called Canvas Tent.
Regardless of the type of hobby enthusiast, music lover, sports person, or outdoor-activity lover you are, there’s always a chance that your favorite festival is being hosted somewhere in your visit able location.So if you are planning on getting yourself a festival camping tent kit for your next outing, without a doubt you’d be looking for something that’s comfortable, cozy and gives you the privacy you want in a public space.
Few things you should consider when buying a festival camping tent are…
  1. Duration of the outing
If you are a hard-core music or sports lover, or belong to a Bikers’ Brotherhood you are most likely to use your tent at least twice in a year. If you intend to use the tent only for a festival or outing that happens once a year investing in something that’s expensive won’t make sense. Nonetheless you should consider something that gives you comfort and yet isn’t out of your budget.
  1. Climate of the location
For someone who is planning to be a part of all the festivals or outings nearby, in the coming year, you may want to invest in a tent that is sturdy, durable, allows waterproofing and can be used in all-weather conditions.A canvas cotton tent makes the best option for winter and summer outings, thanks to their temperature-regulating fabric. White Duck Outdoors offers a wide range of Canvas Bell Tents and Wall Tents suitable for all your outing-needs.
  1. Campsite’s pitch spacing
Unlike an Easter Brunch or Thanksgiving dinner in your own backyard, campsites go a li’l tight when it comes to proper pitch spacing. While most music or outdoor festivals specify a maximum tent size that can be used at the spot, it’s best to be on a safer side and have a porch space in the front. A porch doesn’t just allow you to be near your temporary home, but also helps you stay put when everything around you seems to be chaotic.
  1. Light or Heavy
The characteristics of a good festival tent may be known to you or not, in either case we all want to put money into something that guarantees to suit all our requirements for that part of the year. The right tent helps you avoid bugs, torrential rains, warm summers, and chilly winters. But it is also important that you carry a light load when traveling to a space expecting a good attendance. Analyse the space you would need by counting the number of heads for your tent and go for the best available option. A portable tent that is light-weight and durablekeeps rains, dust and bugs away, without going big on your pocket sounds perfect here.
Need a High-Quality Canvas Wall Tents for Eco-Tourism and Glamping and unsure where to start from? White Duck Outdoors is just the right place for you with a wide range of Canvas Wall tents and Bell tents available in all shapes and sizes.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Do Canvas Tents Hold Heat?

If you have planned a nature excursion or backpacking trip during the winter months, you need a tent that can withstand harsh conditions, and keep you warm. The same goes with choosing to camp during hot and humid conditions- and a canvas tent is probably the best suitable bait for your needs. A good quality tent will do two things well- first, provide shelter from elements, and second offer robust structure and craftsmanship.
Wall tents seem to have grabbed the attention of camping enthusiasts in recent times. Be it a camping trip or an offbeat family outing, canvas wall tents are the best option for an offbeat camping experience. Let’s find out why.
Canvas tents are made of tightly weaved heavier fabric which is either Canvas Cotton or a blend of synthetic material. The heat from the inside can’t escape the material easily, which makes canvas tents a preferable option for chilly weather conditions. Experts often suggest using an all-weather tent for camping as they can deal with extreme conditions- like snowstorm or rainfall.
Alpha Wall Tent by White Duck Outdoors comes with synthetic flooring. With a pre-installed stove jack, the Alpha tent can function equally well in both, cold and warm weather conditions. The roof is made of a breathable material and offers a traditional look. While the color of fabric allows sufficient light to enter your tent without providing discomfort to your eyes. One of the most widely asked doubts while purchasing a wall tents comes across as is it safe to light a fire inside the tent? Canvas tents can be safely used with burning tent stoves. Plastic and Nylon tents get easily affected from the heat making them an unsafe option for camping in chilly weather conditions.
When looking for a tent that suits your budget for winter conditions, you’ll probably find a number of options off the internet that fits your budget. But the points that need to be considered are-
  1. Does it support insulation and will it keep you warm?
  2. Degree of convenience with the size; and
  3. If the material is breathable and sturdy to sustain a snowfall?
White Duck Outdoors Canvas tents comes in sizes for every use case. From widths and heights to side walls and more, you’ll find a tent for which fits your requirements. The canvas we use is durable enough to stand against harsh wind, and allows space for the wooden stove that you’d need for a winter tent to keep you warm. The pre-installed stove jack in canvas tent allows you to install a wooden stove for heat, which is way more convenient than other tents. A heat resistant, silicon-coated material with a canvas weather flap allows for a round pipe about 5 to 6 inches in size to perfectly fit with the roof. And that’s, how White Duck Outdoor Canvas Tents are designed to protect from extreme temperatures.
The balance of insulation of a Cotton Canvas Tent can be seen in warm or humid weather conditions equally. While a Nylon tent tends to be bad at insulating, canvas tent insulates effectively. It doesn’t make you feel as hot on a warm day and likewise, won’t make you feel chilly in cold temperatures either.
So, just in case you have been making plans to go camping this winter and are looking for the right equipment like Festival Camping Tents, we have you covered.
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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Can you Live in a Wall Tent?

As children we have always wanted to live in a tent with our secret weapons where there is nobody to disturb us. Once looked upon as a desire, living in a tent full time looks like a dream full of curiosities.The whole idea of living in a canvas wall tent sounds exciting yet delirious considering we are so used to living in our homes.
Some people do decide to live in a tent for an extended duration and believe it or not, they live quite comfortably. There is a lot that goes behind the decision to live in a tent but when you are well prepared, the whole idea can be fun and an unforgettable experience. We spoke to a couple of people who seemed to like the idea, and they shared their opinion on why living in a tent could be fun…
  • A sabbatical from normal lifestyle
An associate of ours who also happens to be a psychologist believes that forest bathing can help you be healthier in many ways. The fresh air that you take in helps in keeping your body and soul calm while strengthening your immune system. A long break in outdoors from your usual lifestyle can make you happier as well.
  • Lower carbon footprint
Let’s all face it, no matter how hard we try to plastics-free, there’s always one thing made of single-use plastic found in our trash bin. Living in a tent can help you save electricity and water bills, along with almost nil use of non-biodegradable elements.
  • Challenge yourself
Living in a tent can be an exhilarating experience in itself. You get to learn a lot and figure out solutions to problems you dealt with back in the day. Technically, you get to live in a world when there was no technology around. And why not, you learn off-grid living skills and hope to teach other families a more sustainable way to live.
You may choose to go with the idea or drop it, but the only thing that supports your idea is a Canvas wall tent for these reasons…
  • Good insulation: to keep you warm when temperature drops. Read our article about "Do Canvas Tents Hold Heat?" here.
  • Breath ability: Canvas Cotton is a natural material and does not support condensation unlike Nylon tents, which makes it breathable inside.
  • Durable: They are well equipped to deal with exposure to harsh weather conditions and exposure to UV rays.
  • Waterproof: Canvas is a heavier fabric and has waterproof and water-repelling properties unlike other tents.
A good collection of authentic Canvas tents can be found on White Duck Outdoors. You may choose the type you would want to go with. Our personal choice is Canvas wall tents as they allow a lot of room for movement along with all the properties mentioned in here.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Are Canvas Tents Better?

Choosing a tent for your adventurous trips is not easy because you have to look for the one that is reliable and durable. You have to look for the one that has been made with high-quality material and has various benefits like canvas tents.
Now, there are tents that are made with different fabrics like canvas and nylon. These are the 2 main fabrics, which are used to make tents. And here in this piece, we are going to tell you how canvas tent is better than a nylon tent for your usage:
  1. The reason that you should choose a canvas tent over the nylon tent is that they provide you with good insulation. This means that the canvas ones will keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather, unlike the nylon one that will be extremely hot in summers and cold in winters making it useless for you.
  2. Then, the tents made with canvas are breathable while those made with nylon are non-breathable. While the former may not get condensation, the latter can get condensation because of their different properties.
  3. The canvas wall tents tend to be more durable than the nylon tents because of their fabric. Also, the canvas ones do not lose their color like the nylon ones. So, it is always better to go for the former one because canvas tent fabric is of high-quality and durable.
  4. The best part about the tents made with canvas is that they are quieter than the nylon tents. Because canvas is a heavier fabric than nylon, it doesn’t flap like the nylon one, which means when there will be wind, you are going to sleep peacefully in your canvas made tent, while your sleep may get affected in the nylon tent due to the flappy tent fabric.
  5. Also, when it comes to repairing the tent, it is easy to repair a canvas tent than a nylon tent because of the fabrics they are made up of. So, if the tent rips or tears apart, the former one can be repaired quickly and easily, unlike the latter one.
  6. One thing you are going to like about the canvas made tents is that they are sustainable. As they are made up of natural cotton, they are biodegradable and if it is left behind in the dirt, it will decompose without harming the environment. Whereas, a nylon tent is not at all sustainable because they are made with synthetic and they will not decompose.
So, we hope that these features of a tent made with canvas must have convinced you and you are all set to buy the best tent for you. The canvas tent price is very nominal and can be bought at a price that will fit your pocket.
And keeping the quality and the benefits of a canvas tent in mind, you won’t mind spending the money it takes. Buying the right wall tent for camping in all seasons will help to use the tent round the year. So, buy your canvas wall tents now and enjoy your time with your partners relaxing in it.
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Saturday, September 19, 2020

How to Make the Most Out of your Hunting Adventure

It doesn’t matter if you have been going on hunting trips for ages, or whether you decided to do it for the very first time, here are some tried and tested great ways you can make the most of your hunting trip this time around.

When Preparing

You do not want a cold cabin cot to keep you comfortable during your hunting trip. So make sure you take a good quality outfitter canvas tent along to keep yourself well rested and insulated from the harsh weather elements at the end of the day.
During a hunt in the cold weather, you want to bring your sleeping bag with you. Remember a stove may not be enough to keep you as warm as you may like. You want a lightweight summer bag to give you company.
Also read up on the weather forecast, if it rains you want to store your gear in zip lock bags, and categorize bags by similar items stored inside. Also, remember not to store batteries and fire starter equipment in the same piece of luggage.

Hunting Competition

You may find blocked roads to restrict vehicles during the hunting competitions. These are the ones that will only allow you on foot or with a horse. What happens then is that people park at the gates early on in the day and hike up from there. One way to beat everyone there is by starting your trip a day ahead and camping the night before, the next morning your vehicle will already be at the spot near the gate, and you can resume with your hike.

Hunt Slow

While you are in the middle of a hunt, you might not realize it, but you may not be going ‘slow’ enough. Remember, the trick is to know when and how long to stay put. If you are unsure of how to do it try timing yourself with your watch and pick a time on your own during which you can stop, for example, five minutes.
But you cannot robotically stick to this rule. You must also learn when it is strategic to just freeze. When you hear or make a sound, halt. If you suspect that animals are close by remember that you may dismiss the sound of a cracking twig but the animal will not, a deer may even stay still and stare in your direction that is the direction of the sound. Therefore you must wait, when the animal cannot smell or see you they will go about doing what they were doing before – the leisure stroll!
If you are interested in deer hunting, know that these animals are quick to pick on human presence. A neat trick is to try walking with short steps for a few yards, then resume your normal pace, and then do the short quick step sprint again.

If You Are Going to Ride a Horse

During cold hunts, if you are going to be on a horse you will feel more ‘cold’ than usual since you won’t be moving as much. The best way to go about it is to go downhill every now and then so that it gets the blood rushing in your body, and also gives the horse a break.

Move Alone, Move Strategically

If you are hunting alone, it will help if you walked into an area where you could stir up deer. But after you have passed through once, you should make a circle and walk through it again. This will confuse the animals because they won’t really know where you are at, or how many of you are actually there.
If this trick does not work, you should position yourself back where you started in the same area. After about an hour you will see deer creeping back to where you drove them away from. Make sure the area you pick is a dense thicket that is precisely where deer like to take cover.
Another critical thing to remember is that you pick your landmarks. When circling around an area to come behind an animal, you may lose your way. You have to select a distinctive object like a fence line, a specific tree, a rock or anything that would make it easy for you to guide yourself back to where you started.

The Fallen Animal

When an animal instantly drops after you have shot it, it doesn’t mean that it’s dead. Animals mostly drop immediately from shock and are still alive enough to get back up and sprint. Another myth that may ruin your hunting trip is poking an animal that has just been shot with your rifle. You may see in on TV, but it is the worst thing you can do, you definitely do not want the beast to jump up and react while you are so close. The best way to check is to throw a stone or a branch from far to see if it moves at all.
If the animal does manage to get away it won’t help that you look for blood spots only on the ground, you want to track it higher up on trees. If not blood, you will find other clues that will help guide you to where the animal has gone. If you keep trailing and cannot discover the animal, do not think that the animal is well enough to make it away. It might take a bit of time but the animal is likely to have fallen somewhere, and that is where you will find it.

Skinning the Animal

If you have hunted a rabbit or squirrels, you must skin them as soon as you can. When the animals are warm, it is easier to peel off the skin. Also, some animals have fleas which means they will be carrying diseases. Getting rid of the skin quickly gets rid of fleas before they can migrate and travel with you.

Shears Help

It is useful to bring shears to the field to help you cut off the legs and wings of the birds you shoot. Sometimes it is required by the law to leave evidence of species and sex. Also never make a mistake to store a bird in a plastic bag, you want to use your break from the hunt to wrap them in cheesecloth so that they stay clean.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

How to Choose a Canvas Wall Tent for Hunting and Camping?

Long outdoor trips demand shelter, and canvas wall tent is an excellent way of getting shade. For decades, the canvas has been the material of choice in wall tents because of its strength and durability. In addition, if the canvas is treated before production, it can be water-resistant, flame retardant, and mildew resistant. Also, the material of the tent stands out to be great at absorbing a portion of the interior condensation that is created by boiling water or drying clothes.

With canvas wall tents, there is a multitude of alternatives that you will eventually come through in the purchasing process. The question that arises then is about finding the right wall tent that will suit your cause.

How to get your tent of dreams?

Whether it is a matter of choice for hunters, mountain men, soldiers, or guides, canvas tents have long been the shelter of choice for everyone who wants best-in-class performance along with usability. The availability of modern materials, timeless design, and quality craftsmanship should be the three principal qualities that you need to expect from your Hunting Tent and Camping Tent. Here are some facts that you need to consider before picking up your next tent for basecamps. Go through them!

1. Size and weight of the material
The first and the foremost thing that you need to consider regarding the choice of the tent is the size and the weight of the material. If weight is an issue for you, then you can always rely on the light types of canvas.You can pick from a wide range of alpha tents that are made up of 100% premium cotton as far as the weight is considered and select the appropriate dimension that you want.

Along with the weight, size also plays a vital role in determining the type of tent that you would want for your next trip. You can choose a small size tent for one man-hunt or two-person camping. But if you are accompanied by a large hunting group or your huge squad of friends, then you can always choose any tent ranging from medium to large sizes as per your convenience and budget.

2. Ease of Use
Then next thing that you need to consider is the ease of use and installation. Your tent isn’t a mere piece of fabric that can install itself out of the blue and get ready for shelter. You need to pitch it and carry it. This is why you need a tent that is easy to pack, pitch, and tension. So make sure that the material is durable enough for withstanding the tension, and whether the tent comes with the right type of tensioners for the installation process.

3. All-weather features
Camping isn’t for faint-hearted people. You need to survive in some of the harshest places, and so does your shelter. That’s why you need a tent that can withstand almost every type of weather condition. Your tent should do more than just waterproofing. If you are a seasoned camper, then you definitely need to get a camping gear that will make you comfortable in the wind, sun, rain, snow, mud, mosquitos, stick, bears, and everything that you can include in your wildest imagination!

4. Maintenance
The next factor to discuss is maintenance. You aren’t buying a tent for one time-purpose; you are buying it for your future adventures as well. This is why you need to choose a wall tent that offers the lowest maintenance that is mainly focused on the roof. Plus, you need a tent that is easy to set up and take down, so don’t forget that you are a mobile camper. Yes, overall, fabric care is necessary, but that will be way too exhausting, so choose one that isn’t much of a tiring job.

5. Personal taste and budget
Wall tents or safari tents are uniquely advantageous because unlike the traditional pyramid - shaped tents they act just like a home with their vertical wall-like appearance. You can choose a test as per your classic taste or adapt a more modernized approach but make sure that whatever you pick, you pick it at a real bargain. First, make sure that the material is properly treated, well-made, and meets your needs and then go into the looks.

Read our camping article about "Let's Embark on a Journey in the Lap of Mother Nature" here.

Did you get your wall tent yet?
If no, then go find one! When you pack your bags for your next trip to the woods, don’t forget to take your cozy tent with you. Tents have always been the place to rest; they are no fancy rooms that will accommodate you. But with some creative interior mementos or simple decorations, you can make your temporary shelter a memorable one. Apart from everything, consider the above-mentioned tips, and you will never regret about the fortune that you spend on your wall rent.

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Backpacking Guide For Digital Nomads

Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city is the perfect way to unwind especially if you need that ‘new perspective’ for your dream business. But, like most people you believe that camping is not for you because you have a business to run.
Well, but that’s not how we roll.
You are a digital nomad, and we know that you are tech savvy enough to pursue your passion for traveling without disrupting your venture. You love to work while on the go without missing your daily dose of adventure. Although it sounds like a lot of fun and thrilling experience, we understand that living a life of a digital nomad is not that easy.
While there could be a lot of challenges to face, packing for every trip and stay has to be the most tedious among the other tasks. Packing, in general, is not easy on its own, but the job evidently requires some skills. Here’s what we recommend taking along.

Travel Light!

There are tips and tricks to follow that can make the whole business of packing a lot easier and your traveling experience more enjoyable. We are here to elaborate the basics of backpacking in detail under different headings, but the first rule that you must follow is ‘stick to light packing.’
Whether it is a packing job for a vacation or your ultimate nomad backpacking list, minimalism will save your day. Light packing will not only lighten the burden you will be carrying on our shoulders, but it will also save you money and time.
Here is an ultimate list of the items you will need in your digital nomad backpack:

1. The Backpack

First thing first, you need to get a sturdy backpack to hold your belongings and keep them safe. Look for the size that suits you with an adequate number of pockets. Since you will be carrying a laptop, a backpack with a laptop compartment will work the best.
You can also go for rolling duffel bags as they offer enough space for everything you need to carry. Just because backpacks are spacious, doesn’t mean you fill them with useless stuff.

A safety lock

To keep your belongings secure, you will have to invest in a good lock. A combination lock, for example, will keep your valuables safe in case you choose to roam around the camping site. You will obviously need one if you plan to reach your destination via bus or plane.

Compression sacks for clothes

It is always great to invest in a backpack with compression sacks. They will save a lot of space and keep your clothes from crumbling.

2. The Gadgets

Now that you have chosen the ideal backpack, it is time to decide which gadgets will be accompanying you on your traveling spree. Here is a list:

Your Laptop

You are not exactly going on a vacation where you could have skipped the laptop. You will be working, and no work can be done without a computer system. Also, technology has progressed enough that you can live and work from anywhere with a fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection.


If you work only involves typing or checking your email, then perhaps, a mouse will be not of much use to you. However, if your job requires you to edit videos/photos and other similar tasks, then we recommend you pack a mouse too.

A Hard Drive

If there is one item you must pack as a digital nomad, it is a portable hard drive. There will always be a lot of data not only for work purposes but from the road as well. Don’t forget you are a traveler too and all those precious videos and photos need space! External hard drive with up to 1 TB of space is a safe bet.

A Travel Adapter

You will be traveling the world. Therefore a travel adapter or universal adapter is an essential accessory to carry.

Your Cellphone

Your cell phone works as your second computer and as such is a vital working as well as traveling tool. From finding locations to checking your urgent emails, and messages, you need an excellent handset for that so don’t forget it!


Think about all the important Skype calls related to work.


You are traveling, and there is no point of it if you don’t have a high-quality camera to help you capture all those precious adventures. Before we move on, don’t forget to travel with a set of extra batteries.

3. The Traveling Garb

When it comes to packing clothes, we suggest you should always run a check on the weather your next location beforehand. However, as a rule, you should always stock on comfortable undergarments and a pair of reliable traveling footwear. Also, there is no need to pack all of your favorite clothing. Remember our aim is to traveling light. Just stick to the necessities and plan your garb according to your destination and the amount of time you will be spending there.

4. The Toiletries

Here is a list of toiletries you should pack:
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Face wash
  • Aspirin
  • Hair Brush

5. The Essentials

Following are some of the essential items:
  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • IDs
  • A basic first aid kit
  • Water Bottle: Carrying your own water bottle can help you stay hydrated without going through too many disposable plastic bottles.
Remember, a lot of what you bring will be related to your lifestyle and your line of work. And once you get into the groove, you won’t need the list anymore.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

5 reasons you should invest in a Swag Tent

Want to go camping and spend a night under the starry sky? Camping is a worthwhile adventure trip that will leave you with memoirs for years to come. Not just that, it is the perfect getaway from your routine life and gives you a great breakthrough for a fresh start when you come back. One of the best parts about going on an adventurous camping trip is sleeping in tents, which is a memorable experience in its own.
May it be a short trip or a long adventure; tents are the most important part of your camping experience. However, what can be dreadful for a camper is the long setup time required to fix a conventional tent. Even with all the latest technology, you still need to spend some time before you can enjoy a comfortable sleep, which can be a buzz kill for many.
Alternatively, swag tents are a much more convenient and reliable option that can be set up in seconds and offer greater comfort than a standard tent. Now if you are wondering what is so special about a swag tent, here are five reasons why you should invest in one.

1. Travel-Friendly

Even if you are traveling as a couple and only carry a tent for two, a standard tent can be bulky and would be a burden to carry. When you go on a hiking trip or a camping expedition, you need to travel as light as possible. After all, you would carry other camping supplies and have limited space. If you carry extra weight, it will only drag you down and tire you easily.
Camping trips are adventurous and you need to retain your energy to have a memorable experience. Carrying tents would only prove to be a burden compared to swag tents, which are weight friendly and do not consume a lot of storage space. Swag tents are designed to offer comfort and stability in a miniature tent. They come in convenient packages that are easy to carry and do not require a lot of space, giving you more packing room for other supplies. If you are going on a mountain trekking trip or a hiking trip to the jungle, then you need to carry as little weight as possible to conserve your energy.

2. Easy Setup

Tents are also difficult to set up. In fact, most require more than a few minutes before you can rest. Sometimes, after a long and tiring day, setting up a tent would seem like a drag. In addition, you need to ground the tent using pegs for stability or it would easily uproot during windy days.
Tents are easier to topple in windy areas or if you roll over in your sleep. They usually need a support to keep them rooted to the ground, which makes it difficult to find the right spot on a mountainous terrain that is hard surface. However, swag tents are easy to set up and offer greater stability than other standard tents without dealing with pegs.
When you return after a tiring expedition and need to rest, swag tents are much more reliable than tents as you can set them up in a matter of seconds. Even when it is time to pack up and get going, swag tents save you a great deal of time and energy.

3. Durability

To make tents lightweight and travel-friendly, most manufacturers use lighter materials and thinner sheets, which can cause a troublesome experience during a chilly night. Most tents have a thin sheet to reduce their bulkiness and weight, which makes them less durable and can tear easily. If you are a regular camper and go on adventurous trips often, then you would need to buy a tent every year or so, as they can wear out quickly.
Compared to swag tents, which are designed to last long before needing replacements, standard tents have a shorter lifespan. Swag tents are designed to last even under the harshest weather conditions. They are made from superior grade materials and to maximize their lifespan and would only cost a few dollars more than a standard tent. Given the extended lifespan and usability, investing in a swag tent is much more efficient than buying a standard tent which would need replacement after a few uses.

4. Designed for all weather conditions

One of the biggest disadvantages of investing in a conventional tent is that you need different tents for different weather conditions. If you are an all-year camper or prefer to go camping in different seasons, then a swag tent will be much more convenient.
Standard tents have different thermal ratings and not all are waterproof. You need different tents for camping during summers and winters, which is not the case with swag tents. Whether you go camping during the winters, rainy season, or hot summers, a swag tent will make it through the night without breaking a sweat.
Swag tents are all-purpose tents that can be used during winters, summers, and even in rainy seasons. They have a high thermal rating and offer greater ventilation, but the best part is all of that is under your control. Swag tents are mostly made of high-grade fabric that is watertight yet breathable, which means you do not have to worry about condensation.
Being waterproof, it can withstand heavy rainfall and will offer you a peaceful night sleep under any weather conditions. During summers, swag tents offer the most ventilation and would not suffocate you. Even during winters, they keep you warm due to their high thermal rating. You can use a swag tent under any weather condition, which is a great investment compared to buying a different set of tents for different seasons.

5. Superior Comfort

What can be worse than carrying a bulky and heavy dome tent? You guess it right, carrying mattresses for a comfortable night. Standard tents do not come with bedding, which means you need to buy extra mattresses. Hence, you have more weight to carry and need more room to stock up the mattresses.
That is not the case with swag tents as they come with mattresses. Now that is great, isn’t it? Swag tents not only offer you superior comfort but also reduce the need to buy extra bedding for your camping night. The mattress is rolled with the tent, making it easier to pack up and store. Investing in a swag tent will leave you satisfied and rested without breaking a sweat. It also saves you time. With swag tents, it is as simple as rolling a bed, making them the ideal choice for any camper.

Choosing the right Swag Tent

Even though swag tents perform in all-weather conditions, you need to find the best match according to your preferences. Swag tents come in two variants, traditional envelope styled swag tent and dome styled swag tent.
A traditional swag tent may look less appealing, as it has a plain rectangle shape, but do not mistake its room and capacity. It is just as comfortable as a dome styles swag tent. Both the tents have similar functionalities and features. However, a dome swag tent is more efficient in keeping your drier during rainy seasons due to its design and structure.
Good swag tents are made of breathable cotton that keeps moisture out. An envelope swag tent is just as ventilated as a dome swag tent. However, an envelope swag tent is cheaper than dome swag tents and easier to set up and pack. Envelop swag tents are also lighter and come in compact packaging.
Swag tents come in three sizes; single, double, and king size which means they can accommodate up two people at once, making them ideal for a couple looking for a romantic getaway. When you want to watch a starry sky with your loved one, swag tents will not disappoint you.
They even come with a bug net to keep you protected while you enjoy a scenic view of the stars with your loved one for a memorable experience. Swag tents come in many variants but they all offer the same benefits. They also guard you against the blazing sun due to their thick canvas, meaning you can sleep comfortably even during daytime. For enthusiast campers, swag tents are the real deal and make a worthwhile investment that will last for years to come.
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Saturday, September 5, 2020

5 Reasons your Next Trip Should be at Sibley Backpack Camp!

There is nothing more refreshing than a road trip with your pals! Sibley Backpack Camp is one place you should definitely not miss out on when planning a backpacking excursion with your family or group of friends. Framed at the back with a scenic and ancient volcano, the area is made up of volcanic debris and lava. The primitive and scenic hike-in area is fit for up to fifteen campers and offers stunning views to Tilden Park, Volmer Peak, and Mount Diablo.
  • The Scenery

At Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, which is also called the Round Top Park, the area is neighbor to Temescal and Tilden and is one of the best camping areas you can find in the country. Named after Robert Sibley, founder, and Director of the district, this park is the place for you to be if you are looking for an unforgettable backpacking experience. You can set up your lightweight family explorer basic tent and enjoy the view at night!
The neighboring area of Round Top is made of volcanic debris and lava that comes from an ancient volcano considered to be over 10 million years old. The plate movement and force during the Moraga and Hayward earthquakes caused the Berkeley hills to form, if you go there you can see the bedrock formations in the area.
  • Historical and Geological Significance

The sedimentary rocks surrounding the Orinda Formation faded away due to erosion and left the exposed Round Top volcano up for the view. If you have any interest in geology or volcanism, you can see history frozen in the bedrock formations here. The whorls and swirling rock masses exposed by the quarrying in the north of the area expose you to an open-air science lab of volcanic rock and lava.
  • Animal-friendly

The trails here are mostly fit for hiking and horse-riding only, but some of them are multi-use. Unlike the nearby Huckleberry trails, dogs are allowed at Sibley, which means you can take your canine best friend along for this excursion easily and there’s room for your furry friend in the wall tent. The park has its own visitor’s center which will provide you with self-help literature and several tour brochures that you can study. With their help, you can plan a tour around the place and learn of its history and significance when you want.
  • Biking

The narrow-gauge trails in the park and the Sibley Round Top up to the top of Round Top Peak doesn’t allow bicycles. However, cycling is allowed on the other wide-gauge trails and the paved roads in the area. The Sibley Backpack Camp does not provide vehicle access. The site provides you with a stunning 180-degree view of the Mount Diablo, Tilden Park, and Volmer Peak. The area has two tent pads which are approximately ten by twenty and ten by twenty-five feet each.
  • The Perfect Picnic

There are also two picnic tables at the site and a serving table. The area comes with a pit toilet, which means that’s one problem off your list already. The site does not allow any fires, so barbecuing is out of the question here. Camp stoves, however, are allowed, so you easily plan your own cookout and picnic here. Drinking water is available at only 0.2 miles away from the camp. Alcohol is not allowed, but who needs booze when you can get high on nature here at the base of a scenic volcano? While you can take your dogs with you, the rules are clear that they should be on a leash and controlled at all times. It can create issues for you if the dogs are disturbing other people or animals at the park, and you may be asked to leave. So make sure you plan this out ahead and pack the proper camping equipment for your dog. Horses are allowed at trails, but there is no trough or hitching trail at the site. As mentioned before, bicycles are allowed but on certain trails.
The reservation includes up to three parking permits and a valid overnight permit needs to be shown when vehicles are parked at the staging area. No extra permits are available or allowed. The reservation needs to be completed five days in advance, and for a maximum number of two nights. The reservation confirmation will be mailed to you five days in advance.
If you are looking for an experience to remember, we strongly suggest you plan a group camp out at the Sibley Backpack Camp. Round Top is one of the world’s highest peaks and offers a wonderful view. Plan a trip with your friends and family for an experience that is not just fun, but informative and educational as well. Take along all the camping gears like tents, mats, backpacks, tarps, etc to enjoy the trip at its best. The area provides you with enough facilities and amenities to make your stay there comfortable and one to remember. Keep the Sibley Backpack Camp at the top of your list of things to try when you go backpacking next time!

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