If you want to go camping, you need to take the necessary equipment for a hassle-free experience. Of course, this might be a problem if you are new to camping. In this case, it would be wise for you to do your homework or ask your friends or family for recommendations.

No matter what equipment you get your hands on, there are a few items that you simply can’t do without. This includes items like a flashlight, first aid kit, and insulated camping blankets. Getting a flashlight or first aid kit is not that tricky. Although the same cannot be said about the best blankets.

How to Buy Insulated Blankets: Camping Advice for Beginners

Keeping this in mind, here are a couple of factors you must consider before buying insulated camping blankets.

Not All Blankets are Machine Washable

As strange as it may seem, not all blankets are machine washable. This applies to insulated camping blankets as well.

Some blankets you will come across are dry clean only, which is why you will need to be careful about what blanket you are choosing for your next camping trip.

If you are not the type that visits the dry cleaners often, then you should get a blanket that you can toss in the wash.  It is just that simple.

Size Matters, Yes

Just like your bedding, blankets come in a variety of different sizes. You have to make sure that you do not pick a blanket that is too big or too small.

Before you go shopping for a camping blanket, determine what size will meet your needs and requirements. If need be, check for options online and compare sizes with blankets that you already own at home. This way, you will make an informed decision quickly.

Not All Blankets are Equally Warm

This is not necessarily a bad thing. If you think about it, you don’t want a fleece blanket during summers, nor will you want an Egyptian cotton blanket during winters. The reason – they are just not appropriate for the temperatures you will deal with.

To avoid this, stick to blankets appropriate for the season you plan to go camping. What this means is you will need to get knit or wool for when it is cold, and cotton/polyester blends for when it is warm.

There are Blankets for those with Allergies

If you are prone to watery eyes, sniffles, and sneezes; you should get a camping blanket that can be washed in warm water, 130 degrees Fahrenheit to be more precise. Want to know why? Because it is one of the most effective ways to get rid of allergens for good.

The Fabrics Matter

It is a good idea to invest in blankets made from natural fibers i.e. silk, wool, and cotton. These natural fibers are able to eliminate moisture from your body with ease, which would not be the case if you had a blanket made from synthetic fibers instead. Basically, the fabric used does matter, as you want to be warm and cozy, and not overheated.

Electric Blankets are Completely Safe

When out in the open, under the starry sky, nothing beats a warm and toasty bed. This is possible if you get an electric blanket. Now, there is a common misconception that electric blankets aren’t exactly safe, which is not true, to say the least.

Most electric blankets you will come across are equipped with an auto-shutoff feature. They are even machine washable for that matter. Some electric blankets come with different settings so you have complete control, which is never a bad thing.

Blankets differ from Throws

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that blankets differ completely from throws. While a blanket will keep you warm, throws are essentially bought to serve as an item for home decor.

For those that can’t tell the difference between the two, all you need to do is to check the sizes. While blankets come in a king, twin or full/queen size; throws are available by length and width. But that is not all. The two differ in terms of design as well. Throws come with a lot more bells and whistles; whereas, blankets are designed keeping simplicity and functionality in mind.

Remember, while going camping, it mostly depends on the conditions to determine which type of blanket you will need. The aforementioned tips will do wonders for you when the time comes to buy an insulated camping blanket. Also, there is no harm in looking for other tips so that you can get the best product without having to pay more than you should.

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