How boring would our camping adventure be without our four-legged canine friends? Dogs are great companions and make everything 10 times more fun and exciting. However, taking them outdoors comes with the great responsibility. Simply put, you must carry camping equipment not just for yourself but for your furry ball as well.

How to Find the Best Camping Equipment for Dogs

Dogs require twice as much care outside their own little space at home. To make them less giddy and as comfortable as possible, it is imperative to invest in some camping equipment. If you’re struggling to find camping equipment, well there’s nothing to worry about!

Here’s an easy to follow checklist which will make your friend’s adventure more fun. After all, they’re family too.
  • Tags!

This one is obvious. Dog tags are available at dirt cheap prices and come in handy in case your dog gets lost. These must be filled with the pup’s name alongside, your name and number so when he/she is found, you can be contacted easily.

Since you’d be middle of nowhere, what makes more sense is pet ID tags. These tags are linked to online profiles which have detailed information about the pet, alongside, your name, address, phone number and with that, your car’s license number and further details so it’s easier for the finder to locate you or even your car at the camp venue.
  • Bowls

Bowls are used to feed your little friend if you didn’t already know. The bowls you use at home might not be the most workable when you’re traveling or let’s say camping. Your best bet will be portable food bowls which can be folded leaving more space for other items, like say, treats for the little one.
  • Leashes

Another easy decision! Leashes are great to keep your dog in control. Remember, your well-behaved pet can become naughty. Not just that, with wildlife, you can’t say much. Our furry friends never back off from exploring the outdoors and they can get a little too carried away. Stay in control of situations and have a leash at all times.
  • Mind the safety

First aid box is a must have when you’re off for camping for you and your dog. Some items designed for humans could be used for the dog but it’s best to carry the appropriate items in case of an emergency. Few things to gather before you leave for your dog’s basics needs could be bandages to treat difficult areas like that of the paws, ankles, etc. With that, after consulting with the Vet you must also carry something to induce vomit and not to forget, something to get off ticks (our worst enemies) as well.
  1. Bandages
  2. Tick Removers
  • Bed and Blanket

As important as bed and blanket are for you, multiply that importance by two for our pets. Since our tiny, four-legged family members can’t say how cold or warm they feel, the best you can do is try your best so that there’s no room for problems.

Their beds can work as their resting place while you’re sitting by the fire or even literally as a bed to sleep at night inside the camp. We recommend you get a bed for your pet because insects at the campsite can be annoying. It’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • Jackets

Dog jackets are a must for places which are notoriously rainy in summers. A wide variety is available online so make sure you carry one which is weather appropriate to avoid any problems for the little pup.
  • Cooling Vests

Some breeds of dogs get super hot in summers. Such breeds are usually the ones with thick coats. Water helps but a cooling vest can help your vet remain calm throughout the adventure.
  • Dog Lights

Dog lights are perfect for exploring the campsite at night and convenient to carry when your dog comes along with you. Besides that, these lights will help you keep an eye on them. Having a light handy can also prevent tripping, accidents.
  • Boots

Okay, this might be my favorite camping gear ever! Making your little one wear boots would not just be great for your Instagram feed but would also, keep their precious little paws safe from the rocks and other potential hazards on the campsite. It is advisable to try them on your pets beforehand so that they are much more comfortable in them than just being annoyed and agitated.

Few other things which you must pack alongside, the must-haves mentioned above are:
  • Towels for when they drench themselves in the dirt or jump somewhere they’re not supposed to!
  • Grooming kit to keep them clean.
  • Harness with the camera is the best invention ever! If you’re into filming all your experiences, you should totally invest in one. These end up with the most hilarious pictures and most importantly, memories for you and your loved one. Not just that, it will save you the trouble of carrying a camera or even your phone to take pictures. Your furry friend would take care of it!
Hiking packs are also a great idea. They have pockets which can be used to store light-weight items. Small backpacks can keep your pup happy even with a little weight on his/her back.

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